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plucking the hairs from your girl's vagina, especially while high
A: Thanks for weeding me last night.
B: Wait, I weeded you? I thought those were twizzlers.
by Blafucock February 28, 2011
12 3
1. A gathering amongst friends/family/peers/
acquaintances to smoke marijauna.
2. A sesh
hey man, are you finna make it to the weeding?
by Hella Ripped September 16, 2007
10 7
the act of smoking pot/weed/reefer/ganja/mary jane/marijuana/buddha etc.
"Oh, last night me and Fed were weeding. Dude, we got soo smacked!!!"
by Mina Lee May 02, 2005
8 5
1. A gathering amongst people (whether it be friends, family, peers, or just acquaintances) to smoke marijuana.
2. A sesh
hey t-dub, u gunna make it to the weeding tonight?
by Hella Ripped September 09, 2007
7 5
is the process of being caught extracting unwanted plants from your green house where marijuana is grown, while smoking weed at the same time.
Dude 1: And then I went around the house and found Brian "weeding" in his greenhouse bro
by 33beegees May 08, 2013
0 0
To read a book while high on weed.
Julia: Hey, you wanna come out with us tonight?

Kim: Nah. I think I'm just gonna smoke a bowl tonight and catching up on my weeding.
by Origilingo June 12, 2009
6 6
The usually painful process of waxing one's bikini area
She had to go to the spa for a weeding before the party at the lake.
by flak4tex September 26, 2010
1 2