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A girl who hooks up with lots of guys and doesn't want emotional involved; someone who is horny all the time and does something about it
Oh my god Slexie Spanos is such a hoe she fucked 2 guys in one night.
by Cars tut December 12, 2013
Not the most common use of the word, being a derogatory word for a female that has sex with a great number of people.

Hoe is another way to call another man a bitch ass nigga / someone who is soft as baby asses / a nigga that just ain't shit.
Guy 1: Yo I heard you slapped that nigga Vinny up and he just took that shit

Guy 2: Yeah. He a hoe. Fo rizzeal.
by iHateJimbo December 09, 2013
Miley Cyrus
Like when you see her, you know what a hoe is!
by Noobbooddyy October 01, 2013
1. Garden tool
2. Woman that is a tool
That Olivia girl is such a hoe.

The Hand Shoe Maker?


You're right. She is a hoe.
by wojocole May 31, 2013
1. Olivia Hand Shoe Maker
2. Garden Tool
3. Woman Tool
Like, what's the official definition of a hoe?

Oh, Olivia Hand Shoe Maker.

Hey, can you hand me that hoe?
by wojocole May 31, 2013
Humans Of Evolution
Although evolutionary events have taken place in all organisms, the H.O.E. event has not affected the male gender. It is seen that they refuse to divert their attention away from want to Fuck anything that moves at any given moment.
by HOEphenomenon May 19, 2013
kind of a slut
"suck my dick hoe!"
by carmellose July 09, 2012