A person(usually, but not always female)who is mastered by superficial and/or sleazy things lacking in character and genuine ways, often: scandalous, conniving, weak minded and very promiscuous.
That hoe wouldn't give dude the time o day. But after she found out he was rich she married him, had mad affairs, started controlin him and made him stop chillin with his homies. Then she divorced him and took nearly all he owned. But he was a hoe too...for lettin her do all that.
by Bugz-E July 16, 2008
A hoe is a woman who have sex 'cause she wants to and she can.
Male Version: a man
"Yeah I am a hoe, got a fucking problem?"
"That hoe has more fun than you"
by iamapringle June 08, 2016
1. Garden tool
2. Woman that is a tool
That Olivia girl is such a hoe.

The Hand Shoe Maker?


You're right. She is a hoe.
by wojocole May 31, 2013
slut, whore.

male, female, other.

names associated:
JASON, Jasmine, Jared, JULIE, Henry
p1. Did you see Jason today?
p2. Ew don't even. Hes such a hoe
by truther7273639282:7282 May 23, 2016
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