Some dumbasses' way of spelling 'ho,' as in a trashy or 'slutty' female. In actuality, this spelling is a garden tool and anyone who uses it in the context of a promiscuous female is completely numbskulled.
Hand me that hoe so I can finish planting the seeds in this garden.
by Proud Rushian January 26, 2010
A gardening tool used to break apart soil so the roots of plants can grow.
I was in the garden the other day with a dirty hoe.
by Rhoudini May 20, 2008
a gardening tool used to extract weeds and plow soil.

HOWEVER, the common 'hoe' (slut) is actually spelled 'ho', so for all you idiots out there who can't spell this is a reminder.
You slept with my bofriend you're a nasty 'ho', not 'hoe'.
by KateyG November 13, 2007
A tool who's only purpose on this planet is plowing.
Jarred- Do you know where to get any hoes?

Home Depot guy- aisle 6 sir.

Jarred- thanks!
by yourmomshoe December 28, 2007
A tool used in farming. Ha!
A hoe is one of the many crappy tools that you have to use in Harvest Moon.
by MyNameIsChloeeee April 24, 2010
1) A long-handled farm and gardening implement used to loosen earth and dig up weeds, similar to a rake. It has a wooden handle, which is connected to a square blade at a right angle.

2) A four-by-four manufactured by General Motors usually driven 10 mph below the limit by mums with 6 screaming kids in the back seat: every teenager's worst nightmare to be driven in. Also known as the Chevrolet Tahoe.

Not to be confused with ho, which is how an Englishman would pronounce whore: in England you drop your R's.
1) Farmer: Now where's that old hoe?
Farmer's wife: I'm not old!
Farmer: You're not a gardening tool, either.

2) Husband: "What the hell kind of heap is that, and where's the Ferrari?"
Wife: "It's a 'Hoe, and I traded the Ferrari in. Face it, honey, we have three kids and I'm pregnant with triplets, we can't fit them in the boot like we used to."
Husband: "You did WHAT to the Ferrari? For a 'Hoe that'll never get laid? I'll fucking kill ya, you bitch. Better yet, here's a coat hanger, go give yourself an abortion."

3) "Ho, ho, ho" is what Father Christmas says when he sees your mum, sis, and aunt in the same room.
by Diacetylm0rphine September 08, 2010
a garden tool used for picking weeds.
ive got a dirty old hoe in my garden
by andrew May 28, 2005

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