to strike something with a lot of force, as when the wheels of a car hit the pavement of the road
I'm going to hit the road early tomorrow morning - my jimmy parents are making me go to church
by Anonymous December 08, 2001
You see that gurl Chanel ova there, now thats a HIT
by Irydessa December 11, 2010
somone who has been up for numerous days using meth, has not had anything to eat, has sores everywhere from picking, talks in tounges or makes no sense, sees shadow people, and thinks that every car behind them is a cop.
that geeked out eastsider looks hit
by struck for days July 17, 2010
To inhale marijuana out of a bong
Damn this song makes me wanna take a hit.
by pseudonym of ownage April 24, 2010
A girl with an ugly face
kid 1: yoo she got a phatty
kid 2: yea but she HIT!
by Mr g MacK46 July 31, 2008
To have sexual intercourse.
I Hit yo girl buddy yesterday.
by LowfromdaCHI May 22, 2008
Some not attractive at all.
"You saw that nigga trying to holler he was hit my nigga!"
by BRiCARi February 27, 2008

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