somone who has been up for numerous days using meth, has not had anything to eat, has sores everywhere from picking, talks in tounges or makes no sense, sees shadow people, and thinks that every car behind them is a cop.
that geeked out eastsider looks hit
by struck for days July 17, 2010
Human Interaction Time. For instance: meetings, meals and making out. Rather than chat, you talk. Rather than update your status, you interact in RL. HITs are becoming increasingly technology-dependent.
He doesn't get it was a HIT. He was texting during sex. Jerk.
by Gwen Bell January 29, 2008
H.I.T - Hoe(s) In Training. To reference a female or a group of females that give an almost skankish appearance. Predominantly used for females in high school or junior high.
"Man, did you see that hit in the short skirt?"
by Eric V.R. October 08, 2007
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