to smoke weed or any drug
Let me take a hit of that.
by rayray March 20, 2005
a discription of appearance, ugly, nasty, gross, etc...
"Damn Katie, your ex Chris' fiancee is hit in the face!"
by WHITEKAT February 21, 2005
Verb: To be in any negative situation or status.
Example 1: "Hey man, you wanna go to the club tonight?"

"Can't, my girl caught me cheating, I'm hit."

Example 2: "I am going to have to eat Ramen for a while, my bank account is hit."
by Bushido84 March 30, 2011
A "Ho In Training"
Wow, look at that the way that Ho lets her daughter dress. She's turning her into a H.I.T. (Ho in Training).
by smart ass girl January 15, 2011
To imply that someone is very un-attractive. Or to be blunt, just butt-ugly. Shortened version of "Hit with an ugly stick"
Guy 1: "I think that chick at the end of the bar wants to go home with me..."

Guy 2: "Man, she is really hit... It must be twelve dark thirty...
by larryj March 13, 2010
To fuck something/someone.
Person 1: Dude, would you hit that?

Person 2: I'd hit that so hard, if you could pull me out, you'd be the king of England.
by Gabe Unick October 26, 2008
Hairy Inner Thigh, the act fo rubbing your sweaty thigh on someones face
Jon fell asleep so i rubbed my sweaty H.I.T. on his face
by Brian Dennehey January 21, 2007

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