A "Ho In Training"
Wow, look at that the way that Ho lets her daughter dress. She's turning her into a H.I.T. (Ho in Training).
by smart ass girl January 15, 2011
Hairy Inner Thigh, the act fo rubbing your sweaty thigh on someones face
Jon fell asleep so i rubbed my sweaty H.I.T. on his face
by Brian Dennehey January 21, 2007
To be shot. Usually causes pain, can lead to either death or severe bleeding
Im hit, Im hit!!!
He's hit, we need a medic NOW!!!
by Corporal October 25, 2006
or whooped; when a female is in control of her man
"have you seen carlos lately?"
"na dat man stay wit his girl he hit"
by rinna September 30, 2006
hit - to call someone or show up on their doorstep like you is somebody.
"Yo, hit me up in 'bout fifteen minutes"

"Hit me up at my crib"
by The KKK December 21, 2004
a tab of acid
i fraked out after taking that hit
by chillcat May 30, 2003
to strike something with a lot of force, as when the wheels of a car hit the pavement of the road
I'm going to hit the road early tomorrow morning - my jimmy parents are making me go to church
by Anonymous December 08, 2001

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