Some not attractive at all.
"You saw that nigga trying to holler he was hit my nigga!"
by BRiCARi February 27, 2008
H.I.T - Hoe(s) In Training. To reference a female or a group of females that give an almost skankish appearance. Predominantly used for females in high school or junior high.
"Man, did you see that hit in the short skirt?"
by Eric V.R. October 08, 2007
to hit replaces a variety of verbs words such as "smoke" or "go to".
Let's hit a jack. You gonna hit 7-11.
by Jers October 19, 2006
Heavy in The Streets
1)to be omnipresent within your environment.

2)Ask J, Nelk, Mike or Biz.

3)H&R Block
All True Facts
Jerzee Grimz
W.A.R (StreetBangers)
Roman Pills
Hits is
by Richard Britain August 31, 2006
A sentence of imprisonment. (May be in months or years.)
Joe appeared before the parole commission and was given a twenty-four month hit.
by jeremyindc August 03, 2006
tired, beat-up, wasted, sad, any emotional state not angry or normal.
hey you wanna go see a movie?
Na, I'm f***ing hit. I'm calling it an early night.
by an10ae February 17, 2005
As a variant of mack, meaning to engage in flirtatious behavior with the opposite sex, or same sex.
Jack hit on Jill, but Jill didn't appreciate Jack's macking.
by IWillBeYour419 April 07, 2004

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