hissy fit
Then my mom threw a hit
by volleyball52394 July 01, 2009
"hoe in training" - Young girl who is or someday will become a real Hoe.
Hey little girl, You're a HIT!
by Nick April 26, 2005
Hoochie In Training.
Young girls dressing, acting and dancing like the strippers and ho's seen in videos.
by TaTa Licious March 10, 2005
Tasty candy sold in small colorful boxes at a cost of 6kr. The flavours differs from omena to sitruuna and they're the shit.
Hit! Buy a Hit, take omena it was a long time since we got one of those
by Adam, dude December 27, 2003
To steal items out of an unlocked vehicle.
1. "Im charged lad, lets go do some hits"

2. "I got an ipod and a phone from the hits i did last night"
by SaySomethingCoolLikeDont December 07, 2009
Red or blood shot eyes.
Dude...yer eyes are hit!
by benny6789101112 May 11, 2008
A sentence of imprisonment. (May be in months or years.)
Joe appeared before the parole commission and was given a twenty-four (24) month hit.
by jeremyindc August 02, 2006

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