1) Punk, nerd. Someone who's a bit
square or socially challenged.

2) Someone's who's soft or gullible.
Easy mark for bullies.
Yo, lets roll this herb and take his papers.
by Marc Lugo July 08, 2005
loser, idiot, stupid, retarded
Ben, stop being such a herb!
by AB June 26, 2003
Someone who is uncool
Now that you're representin' Buckshot ave, you might wanna stop dressing like an herb
by Pete October 15, 2003
Herb - 1) a drug you smoke
2) a complete badass that runs CC and can do a backflip off a wall
3) somethin you pee on
Herb gotsomeofthat WEEVE!!
by Sieczkowski September 15, 2004
someones lil bitch
Yo what up i got myself a herb!
by dan April 21, 2004
A person with no skills what so ever
Luci you is just a herb
by CORF February 12, 2003
All young male drivers experience the herb - harmless kerb, and no this is not driving high. It's a near incident of sliding your car out and tapping a kerb or even smashing it, yet nothing happens to your car.

Of course if you dont learn from mistakes the harmFUL kerb shall occur - resulting in major damage.

This is often covered up by explaining to your father that a creature of some sort or child jumped in front of the road, to save your embarrassment and grounding.
You cannot ..i repeat you cannot blame your tire treds for either herbs - harmless kerb or harmful kerbs. Its your own stupidity !! :) smiley face in italics.
by kooni October 10, 2007
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