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a type of cheese. Commonly used as in the phrase "a flock of herbs".
"Hey look at those flocks of herbs!"
by herbsboboa October 24, 2009
a person who is a pervert, a dirty individual, a person who has horrible hygiene, and is just a creepy human.
Stevens: Do you think I'm sexy?
Louie: No, sexy people brush their teeth.
Stevens: I brush my teeth.
Louie: When was the last time you brushed your teeth?
Stevens: Two Weeks Ago.

by Louie Taint September 19, 2007
A creepy person; most likely a molester. Generally has a moustache. To be wary of. They may want to molest you. For extra molest, the term "Chester the Molester" can be substituted.

To act in a molesting manner.
Potential molestee #1: I hear Gary is an herb.
Potential molestee #2: No way. But...He does have a moustache.
Potential molestee #1: Or...A molestache.
Potential molestee #2: Oh fuck.

Potential molestee #1: Quit herbing on me, fucker.
by c0gitatus November 26, 2006
weed no doubt
or a dumb stupid corny weak mutha fucka
"Light that herb up!"
"Some nigazz get herb 'round here"
by M.O.N. June 11, 2004
herb is awesomeeeeeeeee
herb is awesome because i say so, and i am the shit.. and english.
by sophieeeeeee October 29, 2006
1) Punk, nerd. Someone who's a bit
square or socially challenged.

2) Someone's who's soft or gullible.
Easy mark for bullies.
Yo, lets roll this herb and take his papers.
by Marc Lugo July 08, 2005
1.) marijuanna
2.) slang word for a person who acts like a moron
3.) Sergio
1.) lets go smoke some herb in the shed.

2.) "yo he ran from the 5-0 , and went to burger king"
"He is a HERB son"

3.) Self-Explanatory. reason we created this phrase.
by verry niiiice May 03, 2007