'Herb' basically means bullshit.
usually used in conjunction with allow word derived from British public schools.
'my Porsche just got flipped by a marine'
'hahah your chatting the herb!'
by yesmeansno July 07, 2011
Strong,confident person. Very athletic and outgoing. Smart and realistic. Someone you can always depend on. Helpful and caring. Not someone to cross. Trustworthy. Very attractive and sexually appealing.
Herb Guimond
by Arabesioz December 03, 2010
Someone who does something is a retarted or gay manner,or fucked up
Hey,max cried at the end of titanic what a herb!
by ND55 April 09, 2009
derived from being a bloody strange person, used to decribe those who are fukin odd to the shitload. not really in any category/stereotype group. describes people who are wtf weird beyond all belief used by funny cunts as a friendly pay out or dangerously hurtful comment to one that would be seen wonderin the streets lost out of this world.
definition of herb a absolute shit cunt in every way possible
the herb: how do i use this pencil
freind: ur a f' herb

friend: i love u herb
herb: you betta
by pigeons lots of pigeons December 26, 2007
a total lame-o loser that gets vexed and EXPOSED
Alex is a herb, he got vexed so badly the other night.
by t balls April 19, 2007
(noun)One who holds submissive social standing as a result of antipathetic behavior, the inability to defend oneself, and/or an unwillingness to claim any significant social status.

(verb)To "baptize" one into herb-dom... See the noun, herb.
i)Jimmy is such a fucking herb... I can't believe he bitched out of going to the bar tonight!
ii)Lil' Johnny boy was talking shit today, now I am going to have to rob the herb.
iii)Pete is gonna have to quit being a herb and not let people step all over him anymore.
iv)If I see that moron again, I'm gonna herb him up and down the block!
by Dee-man February 16, 2004
a type of cheese. Commonly used as in the phrase "a flock of herbs".
"Hey look at those flocks of herbs!"
by herbsboboa October 24, 2009
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