An idiot who can't spell the word "Greatest".
The guy who posted the above definition.
by monkeydude November 23, 2003
A horridly ugly thing that has only ever had 1 girlfirned, who used it to make another guy jealous.
"Wow, that guy is fucking hideous! He must have only had 1 non-girlfriend ever."

"Oh, so he's a Herbs."
by monkeydude November 23, 2003
1. An inept moron suffering from an acne problem rendering him sexually challenged. This leads to homosexual feelings and emotions.

1.a) Herbs can often be found in it's natural habitat on the internet viewing gay pornography. This leads to a great deal of over-masturbation which in turn leads to STD's.

1.b) Herbs almost always have herpes, crabs, genetal shrunkeness (a small penis), and many other varieties of STD's.
Christopher Herbert
by Herbs is gay November 25, 2003
1. A person of low class education and is most likely not to get anywhere in life because of the fact that they are constantly smoking pot. Usually they are hispanic and speak spanglish, have outrageous attitudes, and often are players.
Girl: Yo jose looks good
Girl 2: yeah but what a herb
Girl: I know but i always end up wit herbs anyway
Girl 2: becareful with that
by Eloisa November 28, 2003
corny guy
dame that guys a herb
by sandra November 08, 2003
a person you meet and can tell is 100% a fag(Not like gay, cause if you are gay that's cool) but gayer.
is that a Dungeons n Dragons shirt.....herb.
by Bruhbruhstudmuffinbruh May 21, 2016
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