A feeling quite opposite of love which can cause much hostility. It is associated with such things as war, jealously, and greed. It is often said on the spur of the moment, when not truly meant.
1)The act of war is the epitomy of hate.

2)"I hate you!"

"...No you don't, you love me."

"...Shut up.."
by Addiy March 29, 2003
Hate is a concept that is generally misunderstood. It is commonly believed to simply be an intense combination of anger and dislike, however, this is incorrect, because hate has little to do with actual dislike.

Hate is born of lack of understanding and fear, which leads to aversion to the subject of the hatred, but not dislike of the subject.

In order to dislike something, one must understand it, and so it is impossible to both hate and dislike something.

For instance, a redneck who's never read a book can correctly say "I hate Muslims," because that poor redneck has no idea what Muslims are actually about, but has heard that they do bad things. This redneck therefore fears the Muslims and does not understand the muslims, leading to hatred of said Muslims.
INCORRECT: I have tried cauliflower, and judging by it's flavor and texture, I have come to the conclusion that I hate cauliflower.
(In actuality, this person simply dislikes cauliflower.)

CORRECT: I have never tried cauliflower, but because of a video on youtube telling me that cauliflower kills people, I have come to the conclusion that I hate cauliflower.
(This person truly hates cauliflower because he/she misunderstands and fears cauliflower.)
by meltastic September 19, 2010
The true motivator of society. Also refers to a very strong feeling of animosity and resentment, often times leading to violence and atrocities.
Hitler encouraged his people to hate the Jews. He is often times regarded as a symbol of evil, even the Anti-Christ. But as for Germany, there was never EVER a time in its history when it was more united and PERFECT.

If Judea had hated the Romans badly enough, the land would have been freed and an autonomous state. But Jesus preached "love". The result: Judea (Israel) remained stuck in an empire for hundreds of years and now everybody and their grandmother believes in some hippie-looking mofo to be saved.

Billy hated Bob very much. His hatred motivated him to hack into Bob's computer, earn a higher position, and steal his online girlfriend. Bob committed suicide. Billy wins.

Muslim terrorists hate Americans. They have won cultural unity and are kicking American ass in Iraq. Go figure, huh?

Scrooge hates Christmas. Now he's saved up enough money to buy all the love, sex, and relationships he wants. Scrooge is the fucking man.

I refuse to be racist. I am above that. I hate everybody equally.
by BigBrotherMike December 11, 2006
Someone you hate so badly it is beyond human imagination. You want the person you oppose to wither away and when they are annoying you to fucking die a painful death because they are just that much of a pity to ever know and be fucked over by. There is nothing "cute" about hate and it usually ends with one person being seriously wounded and nothing good comes from you hating the person that is persistent in their behaviour whether you like it or not. In this case NO. bundle of rage
I Squarely hate that asshole that I could punch a thousand holes in his face, and watch him bleed in misery and pain before he died.
by I hate life. February 05, 2006
The straight forward, non-pussified version of "dislike" for people who don't have time for modern rainbow and unicorns pc bullshit that plagues today society.

Hate is a natural human emotion, like the world "like" being a light version of love, dislike is just a lighter version of "Hate".
If you feel so strongly about something that you hate it, and it involves opinion, it's only natural.

In today's society, some people (mostly teens and 20 somethings that can't take criticism) resort calling everyone a hater, sometime's they're right, but mostly they're wrong. since they often confuse criticism with being a hater.
I hate eating olives, they are nasty.

I hate those shoes, they are tacky.

Person one: Mike is a real good basket ball player
Person two(hater): Yeah but he's not the good, infact he sucks compared to other people.
Person on: You're such a hater.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI October 10, 2010
The word 4Kids has deemed unacceptable for children under 13 to hear. Apparently, their ears will be scarred from this word, despite the fact it's completely harmless.

Though, they can never be too sure. Expecially with the number of people hating-I mean 'disliking'- their dubs now-a-days, I guess that's the only road to take.
DeathEater: I hate the fact how stupid words are banned.

Mod Girl: CENSORED D:<
Post is now 'I dislike the fact how stupid words are banned.'

DeathEater: You ban 'hate' but not 'stupid'? Why?

Mod Girl: Because we know half the kids on this forum are stupid, so we just need that word available for others to use to tell them so.

DeathEater: So why's 'hate' bad then?

Mod Girl:...If you don't like the way we run our forums, go join a different one! -huffs-

DeathEater: WTF?


DeathEater: I see. I'd like a better reason than that because the websites for those don't explain why 'hate' is a bad word.

Mod Girl: Any posts pertaining to our censors will now be deleted D:<

DeathEater:...-gives up-
by DeathEater of 4Kids August 05, 2008
an emotion of extreme antipathy most often shared between race, ethnic group, nation, team, etc.
Repulbican: God we hate those fucking French, they won't help us in the damn war!
Frenchman: Eat caviar-cum, bitch
by Steagles February 16, 2006
Hate is when you've wanted to go to Disney World all your life, and you love everything Disney with a passion, but you're willing to give it ALL up for eternity, just to see someone (or a few people) dead.
Satan: I felt your level of hate calling me to this mortal plane; I will violently claim the souls of the bastards who crossed you, but in return, you can never, ever go to Disney World, in this life or the next.

You: Where do I sign?
by VictoriaMoss July 09, 2011

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