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1. (noun) Intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.

2. (verb) To feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.
1. Hate is a bad thing.

2. I hate you!
by lovepeace February 08, 2012
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The most horrible feeling you can experience. It grips your chest and doesn't let you breathe. It's so hard to contain people cry while trying to.
It's felt towards people who did something bad to you, people you can't forgive.
The opposite of love.
Like no matter what you do, you'll never be able to make things right with that person. You might even get the urge to kill them at times.
It's often accompanied by extreme anger.
To hate someone is the worst thing in the world because you feel like you can't escape that hate no matter what you do. It eats you up inside.

Hating a celebrity isn't really hating, but disliking and being proud about it, so those two shouldn't be confused.
"Ugh, I HATE Justin Bieber. His music sucks!"
"That's not hating. That's disliking and being a d*ck about it."

"Me, I hate my dad. He always beat me up and controlled my life, and I hate him so much.. *insert angry sobbing here*"
"Oh, is that true?? How could he?? I hate him too, how DARE he?!"
by XionXIVth November 20, 2011
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to wish that somone/somthing would fall into the bottomless pits of hell!
i would bath in the blood of that, wuch is the center of my hate
by cavinus April 02, 2011
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Somthing that turns you bitter.
Hate is for haters.
by DorothylovesU2 December 21, 2010
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In SOME cases, when a person strongly dislikes another person for a COMPLETELY illegitimate reason.
Damn, that bitch Rayna think she all that just cause she drives a bmw to school & she think everybody so call hate her....


Lil Wayne so gay for wearing tight pants.
by sugalump904 May 22, 2009
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Something which motivates someone to do much greater things than love ever could.
Love makes people dependant and ignorant. Hatred makes people focused(revenge) and find strength(fury)
by Dr Doom January 08, 2005
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The opposite of love. Hate usually is so much stronger than love because with hate comes more energy inside generated by feeings of intense dislike. The person hated did something so wrong that they cannot get over the fact that they were hurt so much they are emotionally wounded for the rest of their life knowing that things won't be the same. usually hate is generated by someone onced loved with a passion that can only been given by god himself.
Something that was loved and then hated will never be the same because of the contribution made from the one the cared
by Slap Jackin October 16, 2004
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