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"Cool" kids can't say it anymore because they're too busy listening to Snoop Dogg and shitty punk emo.
It's muthafuckin Hammertime!
by ok June 24, 2003
Tony blair iz a bellend
yes he is
by ok February 11, 2004
..from an interview with Noodles from The Offspring (in RALPH feb 04 australia):
"The Da Hui are Hawaiian locals who set up in the '70s as a reaction to the tourists who were going there and weren't respectful of the culture and the surf breaks. If you go there and drop in on them in the surf they'll beat the crap out of you."
I won't fuck with Da Hui
Because Da Hui will fuck with me
by ok January 28, 2004
so nerds can still have cyber sex with each other through censors
pnis w00t!
by ok June 10, 2003
A person of Russian origin living in australia.
shutup you sandmole, robbo said to igor.
by ok February 04, 2005
The feeling of strong dislike or disapproval of something, you don't have to say you hate someone to hate them. Everybody does it, so stop trying to say "I don't hate" because you do.
by ok June 12, 2003
<termos> im almost nude now
by ok November 03, 2003

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