Hate is when someone pisses you off so much they cause you to go fucking apeshit when they cross your mind. Your heart rate will speed up and feel fucking fury inside your brain. You loathe and despise but to a much greater extent. If that person died, you would not not care, you would laugh and spit on their carcass. When you feel hatred, you think murder is perfectly acceptable and you don't give a shit what happens. You could possibly go crazy if you let your hatred the most of you.

To be honest, it really is hard to describe hate in a universal term. Everyone has a different point of view on a definition for hate. What I said is how I feel when I hate someone. Hate is what drives some people, it has taken over their conscience. We know these as serial killers, psycopaths, terrorist, dictators, tyrants, warmongers etc. I do believe there is a big difference between anger and hatred. Anger is mostly caused from a brief period of frustration and you get over it eventually. Hate is sort of like a disease that's take over your mind and body. Everyone hates something or someone there's no denying that, but don't think about it or you will snap one day, like I did.
My ex-girlfriend cheated on me many times, so I hate her with a passion.

She caused me hatred and anger which I could not control, so I had to be put in an institute for a week. I am now in therapy. Don't let it get a grip of you, it sucks ass.
by crazy obese man July 29, 2006
To describe something as good or great; similar to dirty or filthy. can be used as hateful, or shit's hate.
"you see lebron's dunk last night?"
"yeah, that was hate(hateful)"

"you see his new car?"
"yeah man, shit's hate"
by durtie zak September 26, 2009
A feeling you get when you see or hear something you dislike so much, you wanna kickbox the shit out of it. Usually, when you hate something, you want to punch, kick or hit it with a blunt object, such as an aluminum baseball bat. It feels great when you release your hatred, whether by destroying things, such as a wall or hotel room, or by fighting.
I HATE that asswipe so much, everytime he comes around, I feel like doing a roundhouse kick to his face.
by Wasabimoto May 27, 2007
Hate.. a noun used to describe a permanent anger for someone.. or something.. it never goes away.. when you see the thing you hate anger burns in you..
fear leads to anger.. anger leads to hate.. and hate.. leads to the darkside..
by Nemesis1337 March 02, 2006
Hate is an attitude one human being has towards another that loosely translates into the concept of NOT EVEN CONSIDERING CROSSING THE STREET TO PISS ON THEM IF YOU SAW THEM ON FIRE...

Several things can cause hate...

This usually comes from someone doing something that leads you to the sensation of feeling the ultimate form of pain emotionally through a violation of your trust, an act of disrespect, an act of defying the concept of a stand up guy and doing something that is in direct opposition to the principles by which you live your life and other serious acts of bad Karma, such as making someone feel like a fool or toying with their emotions or putting their loved ones in danger, etc...

One good example is how this can be the end result of unrequited love and from the realization that this person was an emotional tampon to someone who used them in this fashion...

Hate is an awful emotion that burns in the soul of those who feel it and can be very dangerous to those whom are the recipient of this hate or to the person who feels it over long periods of time....

Friend #2: Word.

Friend #3: (the intellectual one...) I think that she invalidated your emotions and I would forgive her and yourself, hate will only hurt you in the end...

Friend #1: FUCK THAT HO !!

Friend #2: Yeah MUTHAFUCKA... (to Freind #3:) Shut the fuck up !!
by Skipppppper November 25, 2006
Accronym that stands for Honerably Assaulting The Enemy. This is a special kind of hate closley assosiated with family fights. Although you may hate the person, you have no choice but to honor them as such. It's a pretty complicated concept to understand at first. The most common form of H.A.T.E is usually between siblings. especially when the age difference is more than just 1 or 2 years.
How do you and your little bro get along so well? -Rndm Guy 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------Honestly? Our H.A.T.E keeps us together. -Rndm Guy 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------Uhh.. Okay..? -Rndm Guy 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------It's complicated...-Rndm Guy 2
by Xero _ Manifest April 04, 2011
Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort. An organisation formed to combat terrorism. It is based in the Aeromarine, equally at home in air or underwater. Not much is known, except that the leader is an evil brain-damaged man with silly hair. And they have a flair for ridiculous but effective weapons.
Tom Eludeme, Agent of H.A.T.E reporting for duty.

Luke joined H.A.T.E. soley for the dental plan.
by Weaselstomper August 25, 2009

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