The opaqe junction from your heart to your brain that wrenches the moral of your mentality, drenching your soul in a cold inhumane tar.
Person 1: You've skinned me alive, and amputated my arms and legs, I'm in seething pain and bound to die, just kill me.

Person 2: No, Now I'm leaving.

Person 1: Why?

Person 2: Because I hate you.
by William George Mayoral February 15, 2007
A feeling of intense and extreme revulsion, distaste, enmity, and antipathy towards another person, place, or thing. Hate is typically the result of a real or imagined threat or irritation to oneself in the past or present.
Hate and love can sometimes go hand in hand.
by OneBadAsp November 03, 2006
How you'll feel about most of your family.
I hate you mom!
by Uncertifiablegenius January 06, 2010
hate is the way you feel about someone if you dislike them so much that if they were on fire you would laugh at them and do nothing about it.
omg i hate that teacher so much!!!
by Josh Boyd November 01, 2006
To dislike someone or something intensely.
"I really hate you."
by Tom September 17, 2003
Hate is a concept that is generally misunderstood. It is commonly believed to simply be an intense combination of anger and dislike, however, this is incorrect, because hate has little to do with actual dislike.

Hate is born of lack of understanding and fear, which leads to aversion to the subject of the hatred, but not dislike of the subject.

In order to dislike something, one must understand it, and so it is impossible to both hate and dislike something.

For instance, a redneck who's never read a book can correctly say "I hate Muslims," because that poor redneck has no idea what Muslims are actually about, but has heard that they do bad things. This redneck therefore fears the Muslims and does not understand the muslims, leading to hatred of said Muslims.
INCORRECT: I have tried cauliflower, and judging by it's flavor and texture, I have come to the conclusion that I hate cauliflower.
(In actuality, this person simply dislikes cauliflower.)

CORRECT: I have never tried cauliflower, but because of a video on youtube telling me that cauliflower kills people, I have come to the conclusion that I hate cauliflower.
(This person truly hates cauliflower because he/she misunderstands and fears cauliflower.)
by meltastic September 19, 2010
The true motivator of society. Also refers to a very strong feeling of animosity and resentment, often times leading to violence and atrocities.
Hitler encouraged his people to hate the Jews. He is often times regarded as a symbol of evil, even the Anti-Christ. But as for Germany, there was never EVER a time in its history when it was more united and PERFECT.

If Judea had hated the Romans badly enough, the land would have been freed and an autonomous state. But Jesus preached "love". The result: Judea (Israel) remained stuck in an empire for hundreds of years and now everybody and their grandmother believes in some hippie-looking mofo to be saved.

Billy hated Bob very much. His hatred motivated him to hack into Bob's computer, earn a higher position, and steal his online girlfriend. Bob committed suicide. Billy wins.

Muslim terrorists hate Americans. They have won cultural unity and are kicking American ass in Iraq. Go figure, huh?

Scrooge hates Christmas. Now he's saved up enough money to buy all the love, sex, and relationships he wants. Scrooge is the fucking man.

I refuse to be racist. I am above that. I hate everybody equally.
by BigBrotherMike December 11, 2006

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