Word inserted when the person speaking does not have an adequate understanding of the subject matter and is too lazy or unable to come up with a sincere, logical argument for their beliefs.
Person A: Religion is hate.
Person B: What do you mean?
Person A: Can't you see? It's so hatful! I hate religion and their beliefs.
Person B: Maybe you can show me the teaching of the religion, so I can agree or disagree with you?
Person A: It's common knowledge.
Person B: I guess I just have to believe your in-depth assessment.
by realdudemanbro February 17, 2014
Something that all men feel towards the Jonas Brothers and people who say they play the guitar but really only can play the first couple of notes of "Smoke On The Water."
Dude the Jonas Brothers beat Linkin Park for Best Band of 2008 on Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. I hate those womanizing bastards.

I can play the guitar. -Emo lookin' kid.

What do you have? -Musician

A Fender! -Emo lookin' kid.

What can you play? -Musician

That one song that goes "duh-duh-duh-duhduhdaaaduh." -Emo lookin' kid.

Fuck you. -Musician
by @L3X May 13, 2008
Something which motivates someone to do much greater things than love ever could.
Love makes people dependant and ignorant. Hatred makes people focused(revenge) and find strength(fury)
by Dr Doom January 08, 2005
a deep and passionate loathing; to despise; something that is felt by every person in the world; very conclusive hatred
I really hate that stupid bitch. She's a real hater!
by Siphon April 03, 2003
to wish that somone/somthing would fall into the bottomless pits of hell!
i would bath in the blood of that, wuch is the center of my hate
by cavinus April 02, 2011
The feeling of strong dislike or disapproval of something, you don't have to say you hate someone to hate them. Everybody does it, so stop trying to say "I don't hate" because you do.
by ok June 12, 2003
(noun): A feeling of intense dislike towards someone who either annoys/mistreats you. Like its opposite, love, hate is often misused and faked just to get what one wants, often leading to pain and suffering.
(verb): To behave in a childish, belittling attitude towards something/someone superior to oneself. This is often done when one is jealous of the superior thing/person.
1: I hate kidz bop so much!
2: Just because Eminem can rap and sing better than you doesn't give you the right to hate on him. Find your true calling and focus on it...
by Shawn B. June 11, 2003

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