A small measurement of tobacco often given to a mate to keep them going until they can get to a shop; alternatively you may give your mate a hamster after you have managed to get a bootleg 50g of golden virginia baccy. A hamster of tobacco fits snugly in the palm of a hand and thus looks a bit like the small furry mammal.
Michelle: I'd skin up mate, however i haven't got any baccy.

Sarah: That's ok mate i've got loads, I got 50g of golden vag down the nag's head. Ere you go have a hamster.
Michelle: ah cheers mate. I'll skin up.
by Sarah Sellotape September 15, 2012
The person performing the act of going H.A.M. (Hard as a mother fucker); Can be used in the context of consuming alcohol or any other activity that requires going H.A.M. such as studying for an exam or playing a sport.
I am going to be a H.A.M.ster and party hard tonight because I am finally done with my final exams.

I will study for this exam H.A.M.ster style.
by GopiNutKothri March 22, 2011
a rodent who likes to leave their garbage lying around on the floor
The Situation: "Shut your mouth, you dirty little hamster."
by summmmerrrlove October 06, 2010
Southern Jail term referring to ignorant, hip-hop, ghetto gangsta mentality.
I think that hamster just stole your ride!
by Julio DelVasquez May 22, 2008
a younger woman who preys on older men; the opposite of a cougar.
Your sister is a hamster because she's sleeping with a guy 20 years her elder.
by PghFun1 April 15, 2009
noun. Staying inside, primarily in one bed or room (acting like a nest or cage) doing little more than sleeping, curling up, eating or nibbling things like trail mix, sex-ing....and then repeating the whole process over and over for day(s) at a time like domestic hamsters....who's lifestyle this replicates minus the sawdust and wall mounted water bottle.

-ing (as a verb) ... to hamster.
Tired, a bit stressed and ready to hide, Magnolia was happy to grab more snacks and go hamster with her favorite boy all weekend.

Sorry I missed your calls, I was hamstering all last week and unplugged all technology.
by biscuitbaby August 29, 2010
What happened when the squirrel got overly lustful and fucked a rat repeatedly.
Science Teacher: So, as we all know, the hamster was brought into existence shortly after the squirrel and rat were introduced. I want you to write a 10 page essay on the behaviors of these animals during mating.
by ihatelifemorethanyou September 17, 2009
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