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someone who is very into tradtiontal home life: cooking, cleaning, ect.
I dont want to date her, she isnt domesticated enough. She cant even bake a cake.
by Jessica Weber July 28, 2003
What happens when you get married. This can also happen while you have a girlfriend. For women with a boyfriend, she would be 'domesticating' the man.
"He's so domesticated now he vaccums the house!"
by Hyperian November 23, 2003
Gettin civilized. Stop sellin drugs, goin back to school, and gettin everything str8 wit yo BABY'S MOMMA!!!!!!!!!
"I'm domesticated now"
When you sleep w/ an ex who's now married and he's boring in bed w/ no exciting moves.
"Ever since he got married, he's just going through the motions. He used to be in my top 3, so fun and wild, what happened?"
"It's the wife, he's been domesticated".
by LoLo4 March 30, 2010
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