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Person that is not good enough to start a soccer game. Similar to a bench warmer.
Coach, put the "hambone" in, we are ahead by 4 goals, we can afford it.
by r0ckstar September 15, 2006
Something which is wonderful in a soup and distressing in a movie. Connotation varies according to the likability of the actor being described, with William Shatner at the affectionate end of the spectrum and David Caruso at the other. See "Shatnering."
Yeah, Shatner's a hambone, but he's OUR hambone.
by David Bryant May 07, 2004
one who wipes there ass with baby wipes, wears von dutch with perfectly waxed hair and uses expressions like "dude i was so drunk last night" while only drinkin minimal amounts.
Zack Dietrich hamboned it up when he said "sure ill come for a walk wit you guys"
by john london October 20, 2004
A person who attempted (or was accused of attempting) rape sometime during their highschool career. Whether they attempted the act or not, some drunk female may have accused them of such. In an SNL skit with Will Ferrell, he gives a shoutout to "hambone! check it out! tried to rape a girl in highschool!", and thus this definition.
<Alex> Hambone! Check it out! I heard you tried to rape that Becky chick!
<Harrison> Wow no. I definitely didn't try anything, stupid drunk girl.
<Alex> ...we're still calling you hambone forever now.
by Harrison S January 05, 2006