When a person ingests a said quantity of opiates or uppers and is sent into a mania of sudden movements such as beating on their thighs or cleaning vigorously by effect of the drug. Or the act of doing opiates and uppers together otherwise known as speedballing.
Rumpus was doing the hambone after that bump and started cleaning the kitchen.
by Megaseth May 06, 2010
Hambone is the term for getting/being extremely intoxicated... wasted.. ect. hammered
Mike: Hey tom what are you doing toinght?
Tom: Not shit man... gettin' hambone

Man last night i was fuckin HAMBONED
by killamilla January 25, 2010
The classic class of male from the late 90's who still thinks that highlighting his hair, shaving his entire body, wearing polos and necklaces, or using excessive amounts of hair gel is still cool. They're often found in gyms. Sometimes they can be used as a footstool after 5 PM. They are often "dude wasted", and give bro-grabs to other hambones.

Hambones become "s-bones" after picking up an STD, not limited, but usually including, mouf herps.
The hambone lost in an obedience contest with a Golden Retriever, which involved difficult commands such as 'sit', 'stay', and 'talk'.
by jjusaaaack February 10, 2009
Southern usa slang for penis.
"I'M goin down south get my HAMBONE boiled,these women uo north done made it spoiled." (FROM BLUES SINGER HAMBONE WILLIE NEWBURN)
by lowdown November 18, 2004
A person who attempted (or was accused of attempting) rape sometime during their highschool career. Whether they attempted the act or not, some drunk female may have accused them of such. In an SNL skit with Will Ferrell, he gives a shoutout to "hambone! check it out! tried to rape a girl in highschool!", and thus this definition.
<guy 1> Hambone! Check it out! I heard your theRapist ass tried to rape that Becky chick!
<Harrison> Fuck that shit. stupid drunk bitch, i didn't try anything.
<guy 1> ...we're still calling you hambone forever now.
to be or act in a hambone like manner
wow mike was being a major hambone in law and you class yesterday
by petey green December 12, 2007
An excessively geeky, stinky, or strange ham (amateur) radio operator. In other words, your typical ham radio operator.
Even though I have my ham license, I'm not a hambone because I'm normal.
by Scout 740 Baker April 16, 2004

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