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Searching. Coined by popular use of
If you can't find any more information about hydrothermodynamics, I can do some googleing for you.
by Tremor October 28, 2003
v. To look for information about something using Google.
I know he lives in MI because that's where the radio station on his shirt is from. (I did a little Googling.)
by The Grammar Nazi January 04, 2002
The act of researching things on
I was googling to no avail.

Googling 1971 Dodge Chargers is impossible.
by KimberlyAnn March 04, 2009
1. A way to pass the time at work.

2. A method by which one can surruptiously stalk the hot chick in accounting who is oblvious to you existance.

3. How I found a Paris Hilton download.
'Jetson, your googling will cost you your job'
by Frankie Hollywood December 23, 2003
what you do when you are very bored
I was sick of class so i started googling things.
by TakoMongoose January 13, 2015
Walking around at night stealing random and useless objects from yards and establishments and dropping them elsewhere along your travels.
I went GOOGLING the other night and a cop drove by.
by aboozle February 06, 2011
The act of walking around town and taping "Googlie Eyes" to various inanimate objects, pictures, and signs to add humor.
Googling the fruit in the grocery store always unexpectedly brightens peoples' days.
by MeanderingBlonde December 13, 2009
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