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An adult male African-American. Particularly one with a buffoonish and/or "countrified" manner.
"He said his favorite food is chitlins. Christ, what a hambone!"
by Jake Featherston April 28, 2010
71 73
One who you are extremely gay for.
Man, im so ham boned for that guy.
by jolene van vaught April 27, 2010
5 12
Four strikes in a row during a 10 pin bowling tournament. Started as a catch phrase by ESPN announcer Rob Stone, it has turned into a bona-fide term for four strikes much like Turkey is the bowling term for three strikes in a row.
As Mike Edwards threw his 4th strike in a row, the crowd yelled "Hambone"!
by Samantha Mulligan February 27, 2008
45 52
Large handles found on the waists of freshmen females, used as handles while conducting intercourse or for spooning. Often the cause of poor self esteem while wearing pants or skirts that are 3 times smaller than their actual waist size.
"Hey Jen, Look at that girl's hambones. It looks like a spare tire of fat around her waist."

"OMG, my hambones are soooo brused. I was conducting intercourse with Kevin last night and it was rough. I hope he hasn't found out that I'm in high school."
by Chinese Tourist April 20, 2006
7 14
A shortened word for hamster boner meaning that someones wiener is as small as a hamster's hard.
Dude I am hung like a hamster man I got the Ham Bone.
by George Schwanz October 25, 2011
1 9
Hambone is the term for getting/being extremely intoxicated... wasted.. ect. hammered
Mike: Hey tom what are you doing toinght?
Tom: Not shit man... gettin' hambone

Man last night i was fuckin HAMBONED
by killamilla January 25, 2010
17 26
Another name for your penis
My hambone has a chick magnet on it
by Big Dyl July 17, 2011
9 19