A haley is a nice girl with a beautiful name, a name that resembles true beauty. The most amazing girl that any guy could have. She has an amazing heart and a amazing body. She is so nice and beautiful, no matter what she does it always compliments her true beauty. She has an amazingly beautiful face and you just cant help but want to hug her as soon as you see her. She has a heart of gold is the most that any guy could ever ask for. She may put her self down a lot but she does not see how every body else looks at her . When you see her your heart will skip a beat and you may experience somewhat of a shock for seeing such a beautiful sight. Her eyes have a certain sparkle in them that cant stop you from looking at her. She is the most special girl that any guy could ever have and if you ever get a chance to even talk to a haley, take it because if you don't then you will miss out on meeting the most beautiful and amazing girl you have ever seen.
That girl haley is really nice
by gbaby16 May 15, 2014
She is the most amazing girl you ever met. She is athletic, smart, and hot. Her smile will make you smile. She is very funny but classy. She gets really good grades and is in most advanced classes. She has me hypnotized by her sheer awesomeness.
Guy 1: Hey look at you, going out with Haley!
Me: Yeah she's the best thing in my life right now.
by Marco717 February 24, 2013
-is quite gorgeous
-most compatible with a guy named corey
-amazing personality
-sweet and caring
- has an amazing body(like better than anything you've ever seen
-shes loved by all
-big brown eyes
shes hot, her name must be Haley
by coreyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyloveshaley December 07, 2011
One of the nicest people you'll ever meet. It doesn't matter what you put them through, they always forgive. Super pretty, extremely athletic, and very creative. If she's not out with her friends, she is working on some new project in her room. One of the best runners her age. Lots of girls are jealous of her.
"Did you hear about Haley in the track meet yesterday?"
"Yeah, I heard she got a 4 minute mile again!"
by spamcomesinajar August 02, 2012
a gorgeous girl who is actually a potato
that girl haley is so pretty man... especially for a potato!
by potatosbiggestfan August 21, 2014
Someone who belongs among wildflowers. Has eyes like glow sticks, and irises like rain. Walks forward with her heels yelling backward. She has the sharpest tongue to ever utter niceties and will fight to be honest honest honest. Believes thoroughly in making connections from one empathetic person to another. Walks state lines at night while listening to a collage of songs. Always questioning, always thinking, always appreciating.
That person has that far-off look, must be a Haley.
by therealopossum May 17, 2012
Haley is the name of a girl (or a boy if your parents rolled that way) that is down to earth and wants to make others smile. Someone with the name Haley knows self sacrifice, heartbreak, and a longing to be near the people who matter most. Although their are some down sides, because the name haley means down to dart that means people will take advantage of your friendship, so be careful; someone you thought was your BFFL could be your next enemy. Someone with the name Haley is extremely nice, considerate, and of course sexy. A Haley might even be stubborn and strong willed, also a animal lover!
DAMN! That girls name must be Haley with that ass.
Haley is the Sweetest girl in the class room.
by TheDayDreamer December 15, 2014
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