A person of the female race who falls under any or all of these catgories:

1. a very absent-minded person who just "isn't there" all the time
2. someone who cannot listen to anything but an ipod without getting confused.
3. a person who often is told (jokingly) that they have a.d.d. due to the fact that they have no attention span
5. is very short
6. often a music geek/drama geek
7. known to have so many inside jokes that they often forget which ones are from which friends
your so haley you can barely see over the steering wheel
by ur best-y January 04, 2008
Is the perfect girl you will ever meet and is small cute and adorable also loves dinosaurs and is a wizard on the down low and will be the best thing that will ever happen to you.she might be a little sad or mad at you at times but will never stop loving you after you give her your heart and is the best cuddler you will ever meet and is the best hugger ever and is just the only thing you will ever want and you will fall for her as soon as you meet her and when you first talk or meet her only one thought will come to your mind and it's that she is the one so don't mess up or you will lose her and you'll regret it every day you do cause being without her for a second is worse enough
Haley is the love of my life
by Definition greg March 01, 2015
Haley is a very sweet, happy person. She is usually short, but that doesn't stop her from taking on the world. Haley loves dance and ballet, and has very strong toes + feet. She's not very popular, but she will fall apart without you, so keep her close! She will complete the puzzle of your life. Haley usually has dirty blonde hair and blue gray eyes. She does lots of cute things but on the inside she is super badass. Haley is the girliest of all her friends, but she still isn't very girly. Her favorite color is pink or light blue, and she is very pretty. Haley has a Barbie- doll figure. She likes wearing boots and playing clarinet or flute. Haley also likes to sing. She sometimes says thing she doesn't mean, but please don't criticize her, it tears Haley apart. If she's your bff, you'll be hers. Sticking up for her is the key to her heart. Her hairstyle is simple and natural. Her clothes choices are plain, and she loves doing her nails. She is a simple, cute, happy
Girl: My friend is always making these cute noises. It's weird in a good way.
Guy: let me guess: her name is Haley
Girl: How did you know?? omg
by SapphireWolfy007 January 10, 2015
Haley is a very short brown eyes light/ dark brown hair. she loves to be loved! she always loves the guys that names start with an M or after one month your done dude! She can brighten anyones day ! she loves her boyfriend more than anything else in the world because she is mainly in love with one person and thats him because she thinks hes hot asf and thinks that she is ugly and shes lucky to have him but he thinks shes beautiful, hot , cute , game but he thinks hes ugly! they are the cutest couple ! Most haleys go for the M guys so if you go a haley dont let her down shes a bitch if someone puts her in a pasition but if uou break up with her and she really likes you shell cry! but after you date her after about 11 days before your 2 months sheell think you dont like her one single bit anymore and feel like shit but haleys do think he he dont like me let him break up with me whatever then once he breaks up with her she falls into pieces and wants to die until her boy says youll be my best friend and ill never call anyone else my bestfriend if you keep that promise shell love you so much and youll be her bestfreind and she text you 24/7 and shell might always be in love with you!
boy with m- shes beautiful😍
boy 2 - she is but she has no ass and no boobs
boy with m- who cares she has a good personalitly and is pretty and beautiful
• haley is a girl who is short tho so no boobs oh well she drop dead gourgeus
by I LoVe You January 02, 2015
A swimmer who likes to read and has very odd friends...
Okay that girl is so Haley, did you see how fast she swam?? OH MY GOSH SHES ALWAYS READING!! I want her to be my best friend...
by THE AMAZING JULIA May 17, 2014
Haley is the definition of perfect and gorgeous she puts a smile on your face and are always happy. Haley's are fun and cute. You can't put a price on a Haley.
Haley makes me happy!
by therealshow March 15, 2015
A girls name, usually associated with a fairly small cute but hot girl. Is unique in her clothing style and is brilliant at the things she loves best whatever that may be. Loved by her friends and envied by her enemies.
That Haley girl is cute
by Laid bud January 19, 2015

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