Haley is the name of a girl (or a boy if your parents rolled that way) that is down to earth and wants to make others smile. Someone with the name Haley knows self sacrifice, heartbreak, and a longing to be near the people who matter most. Although their are some down sides, because the name haley means down to dart that means people will take advantage of your friendship, so be careful; someone you thought was your BFFL could be your next enemy. Someone with the name Haley is extremely nice, considerate, and of course sexy. A Haley might even be stubborn and strong willed, also a animal lover!
DAMN! That girls name must be Haley with that ass.
Haley is the Sweetest girl in the class room.
by TheDayDreamer December 15, 2014
She's that's girl when you wonder "how can I love someone so much"and then you remember that's right cause it's her the girl of your dreams and you just can't help but not have a smile everytime your around her and just everytime you see her the only words that wanna come out of your mouth is "I love you".
The girl that you only hear about in story books Haley
by Definition greg March 02, 2015
psychotic princess with a nice body
everyone needs a Haley in their life
by yungbasedruglord November 15, 2014
Haley is a gorgeous girl with chocolate eyes and shiny auburn hair. She is kinda tall with long legs and a cute nose. She has pink cheeks and a light dusting of freckles. She was a chubby child which led to her fab body now. She loves J and S names and can have any guy she wants, but she is too shy. She looks like she has it all on the outside: friends, prettiness and popularity. But on the inside she is crying. Extremely sensitive but with a great sense of humor, if you can crack that hard shell exterior she's a winner. Loyal and empathetic, if you are a boy and have a Haley, hold on tight. She has the best lips to kiss and nice boobies and butt but totally skinny otherwise. She has an infectious, easy smile. She may not like to party hard, but other than drinking she's up for anything :)
Sean: ooh who's that hot ginger in the corner?
Matt: oh the one without a beer? That's a Haley, but you can go hook up with her i heard she's an amazing kisser.
*haley turns around
Sean: *gasp* geez look at that bod!
by herdoggie February 19, 2012
A Great friend, who has A.D.D and will always have your back. Usually friends with people named Kaily, Caroline, Gabby, Emily, or Ellie.

Someone who is totally obsessed with Harry Potter
Dude she's so Haley. Look at her saying all those spells!
by Schiff40 February 03, 2010
A person of the female race who falls under any or all of these catgories:

1. a very absent-minded person who just "isn't there" all the time
2. someone who cannot listen to anything but an ipod without getting confused.
3. a person who often is told (jokingly) that they have a.d.d. due to the fact that they have no attention span
5. is very short
6. often a music geek/drama geek
7. known to have so many inside jokes that they often forget which ones are from which friends
your so haley you can barely see over the steering wheel
by ur best-y January 04, 2008
Haley is a very short brown eyes light/ dark brown hair. she loves to be loved! she always loves the guys that names start with an M or after one month your done dude! She can brighten anyones day ! she loves her boyfriend more than anything else in the world because she is mainly in love with one person and thats him because she thinks hes hot asf and thinks that she is ugly and shes lucky to have him but he thinks shes beautiful, hot , cute , game but he thinks hes ugly! they are the cutest couple ! Most haleys go for the M guys so if you go a haley dont let her down shes a bitch if someone puts her in a pasition but if uou break up with her and she really likes you shell cry! but after you date her after about 11 days before your 2 months sheell think you dont like her one single bit anymore and feel like shit but haleys do think he he dont like me let him break up with me whatever then once he breaks up with her she falls into pieces and wants to die until her boy says youll be my best friend and ill never call anyone else my bestfriend if you keep that promise shell love you so much and youll be her bestfreind and she text you 24/7 and shell might always be in love with you!
boy with m- shes beautiful😍
boy 2 - she is but she has no ass and no boobs
boy with m- who cares she has a good personalitly and is pretty and beautiful
• haley is a girl who is short tho so no boobs oh well she drop dead gourgeus
by I LoVe You January 02, 2015

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