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Haley is a pretty, strawberry blonde. She has blue/green eyes and is of average height. Her boobs are big though. She is very smart and always strives for perfection. You will never catch Haley procrastinating. She can be quick to anger and is annoyed easily, but is really a sweet person. She is very quiet, but very approachable. You will have to be the one to make the first move, but she is so nice and interesting you'll be glad you did. Because she is so quiet it is so funny when she lets go and says crazy things. Haley never gives a boy with unpure intentions what they want. Haley is extremely moral. She is an amazing friend who will support and help her friends through whatever they are going through.
Guy: I tried a move on Haley last night.
Guy's Friend: How'd it go.
Guy: It didn't......
Guy's Friend: Have you ever even talked to her?
Guy: No, but she has big boobs.
Guy's Friend: You should've tried, she's really nice and interesting.
by Mrs.McCall June 06, 2012
A swimmer who likes to read and has very odd friends...
Okay that girl is so Haley, did you see how fast she swam?? OH MY GOSH SHES ALWAYS READING!! I want her to be my best friend...
by THE AMAZING JULIA May 17, 2014
A haley is a nice girl with a beautiful name, a name that resembles true beauty. The most amazing girl that any guy could have. She has an amazing heart and a amazing body. She is so nice and beautiful, no matter what she does it always compliments her true beauty. She has an amazingly beautiful face and you just cant help but want to hug her as soon as you see her. She has a heart of gold is the most that any guy could ever ask for. She may put her self down a lot but she does not see how every body else looks at her . When you see her your heart will skip a beat and you may experience somewhat of a shock for seeing such a beautiful sight. Her eyes have a certain sparkle in them that cant stop you from looking at her. She is the most special girl that any guy could ever have and if you ever get a chance to even talk to a haley, take it because if you don't then you will miss out on meeting the most beautiful and amazing girl you have ever seen.
That girl haley is really nice
by gbaby16 May 15, 2014
Haley is a gorgeous girl with chocolate eyes and shiny auburn hair. She is kinda tall with long legs and a cute nose. She has pink cheeks and a light dusting of freckles. She was a chubby child which led to her fab body now. She loves J and S names and can have any guy she wants, but she is too shy. She looks like she has it all on the outside: friends, prettiness and popularity. But on the inside she is crying. Extremely sensitive but with a great sense of humor, if you can crack that hard shell exterior she's a winner. Loyal and empathetic, if you are a boy and have a Haley, hold on tight. She has the best lips to kiss and nice boobies and butt but totally skinny otherwise. She has an infectious, easy smile. She may not like to party hard, but other than drinking she's up for anything :)
Sean: ooh who's that hot ginger in the corner?
Matt: oh the one without a beer? That's a Haley, but you can go hook up with her i heard she's an amazing kisser.
*haley turns around
Sean: *gasp* geez look at that bod!
by herdoggie February 19, 2012
A Haley is a very sweet, outgoing, loving, gentle, great person with a heart of gold.Haleys have beautiful eye's that will melt you completely! You will get lost looking into them. They always have and wear a stunning smile. Haleys do not take shit from anyone. They are very outspoken people who stand up for that they believe in. A Haley hardly ever meets a stranger. They are by far the eaisest people on the planet to talk to. A haley is very respectful. Aslo, the most undserstanding of people. They tend to have huge hearts, not for just people, but animals too. The most beautiful of all people. If you're looking for a laugh, or good friend you need to find a Haley. They know many people, but only a few close people they will call a friend. They put family and the ones they love above everything. You will easily fall in love with a Haley. Haleys usually date men that name start with a D (its just a haley thing) The men they date usually have a "bad boy" reputation, but with a Haleys non partying, respectable, caring, loving, honest ways and most unique personalty make a bad boy forget his past and want to change for the better. A true Haley will refuse to be walked over, but if she loves you, she'll forgive and forget almost everytime. Although, Haleys do have this loving and forgiving heart when they are fed up you don't have a chance to change their mind. Haleys have a temper that will leave you questioning your own exsistance. (Do not make them mad)
Chris: you see that girl?

Ryan: yah?

Chris: she's totally a haley and totally mine.

Britt: Omg that girl just went haley on you!!!
by yeahthatgirl22 July 11, 2014
Haley, she's loud and yet quite. She keeps her problems bottled up or smokes them away with a cigarette. She really is the most beautiful girl in the world. Her green eyes glow with ambition and childlike envy. She is strong and independent, just how she likes it. She hardly asks for help nor admits when she's wrong but you'll fall in love with that part. She's a girl you can sit outside with smoking a Smooth and just joke around, or talk about life, problems, anything. She's THAT girl.
"i love her.."
by her exx December 27, 2012
An incredibly beautiful and intelligent girl for whom any Alec would love to have. Haleys are usually short but very lively. They usually have blueish gray eyes and beautiful brown hair. They are always the life of the party and can find a way to brighten up anyone's day. They are very funny. They are very strong, both physically and emotionally, and athletic. They are great swimmers and lacrosse players. Anyone is lucky to have them as a friend and even more lucky to have them as more than a friend.
Look! That girl can swimm and play lacrosse! And she's so funny and beautiful. Must be a Haley!
by Epicfailur293 May 21, 2013