A gorgeous blue-eyed girl with blonde or light brown hair. She is tall and skinny and has a nice body. Once you look at her stunning eyes, you will fall in love, wheither you know it or not. She is smart, funny, athletic, and shy on the outside, but amazing once you get to know her. She is perfect girlfriend material.
I wish I could find a Haley.
by Loner boy December 11, 2012
A very sexy girl who has a nice figure and a beautiful face. She is so spontaneous and amazing at everything she does. She is athletic but she also loves to sing. If you find a Haley, don't let her go. She will complete your life. She will listen to you and will love you no matter what. Haley walks like a model and is drop-dead gorgeous. She is not very popular but that's why you need to keep a hold of her. If you let her go, you and her will fall apart. She is very emotional so don't make her cry. Haley is usually short so you need to lean down just to kiss or hug her. Hold on to your Haley and don't let her go.
Guy 1: Do you see that girl over there?
Guy 2: She is so amazing and so Beautiful
guy 3: She must be a Haley
by fdgfgdfkbsjdf April 28, 2013
A totally freeaaking awesome chick who has the ability to kick peoples' asses, but won't do it unless you try to kick hers. She is the inventor of the usage of the word awesomeness in the Las Vegas area, mostly because she IS awesomeness!
Haley is also capable of finding anything on the internet within 10 minutes, becoming an expert at what she finds, and then teaching you what she just learned in a way that makes sense.
Haley has more common sense than the average human being, and is actually capable of using said common sense... something that makes her seem unhuman (but she's totally humane!)
Haley likes pie, but she doesn't randomly say it. Her random phrase is "I Lost The Game" because she is an avid player of the game!
Haley is on twitter (@leeSmilezz), weebly (leesmilezz is the bit before weebly in the URL) and youtube (iAmAwesome123)
If you know Haley, then totally treat her right, because she would make one fiiiiine girlfriend! She's bi, so girls, you aren't kept out of that bit! She's single, and while she isn't a supermodel, she can tell you why supermodels are suckish girlfriends anyway.
Example 1:
Random Person: Daaaamn isn't that Haley girl fiiiine?
Joseph person in 4th period PE at MHS: She's ugly as hell!
Random Person: I'm talking about her personality, you superficial stupidiot!

Example 2:
Stupid Person: Hey, Joseph, ask that girl out and then tell her it was a joke!
Joseph person in 4th period PE at MHS: Should be fun! She's ugly!
Semi-intelligent person: You guys don't know her. She's in a couple of my classes, and she's smarter than both of you combined!
Joseph person in 4th period PE at MHS: I don't care. I'm an asshole so I am going to pretend I like her.
Semi-intelligent person: Well, gimme my cigarettes back!

(I did say he was a semi-intelligent person... :D )
by A Form Of Life On This Planet. February 20, 2011
A Haley is a very sweet, outgoing, loving, gentle, great person with a heart of gold.Haleys have beautiful eye's that will melt you completely! You will get lost looking into them. They always have and wear a stunning smile. Haleys do not take shit from anyone. They are very outspoken people who stand up for that they believe in. A Haley hardly ever meets a stranger. They are by far the eaisest people on the planet to talk to. A haley is very respectful. Aslo, the most undserstanding of people. They tend to have huge hearts, not for just people, but animals too. The most beautiful of all people. If you're looking for a laugh, or good friend you need to find a Haley. They know many people, but only a few close people they will call a friend. They put family and the ones they love above everything. You will easily fall in love with a Haley. Haleys usually date men that name start with a D (its just a haley thing) The men they date usually have a "bad boy" reputation, but with a Haleys non partying, respectable, caring, loving, honest ways and most unique personalty make a bad boy forget his past and want to change for the better. A true Haley will refuse to be walked over, but if she loves you, she'll forgive and forget almost everytime. Although, Haleys do have this loving and forgiving heart when they are fed up you don't have a chance to change their mind. Haleys have a temper that will leave you questioning your own exsistance. (Do not make them mad)
Chris: you see that girl?

Ryan: yah?

Chris: she's totally a haley and totally mine.

Britt: Omg that girl just went haley on you!!!
by yeahthatgirl22 July 11, 2014
Haleys are usually tall and very smart,but somtimes they can be a real bitch,in there child years they are chubby but very nice,soon they will row out of that and have a supermodel body, usally there height is around 5,10 to 6,0 tall.all the boys will drool over a haley if they find one.so if ufind a haley KEEP HER its worth it.
Tom: DAMN that girl is FINE!!

Jim: oh i know her that's Haley the supermodel
by littlemizzhatersluvme July 16, 2011
An extremely hot girl, usualy having a big butt and big boobs. Is the best at everything including but not limited to video games, sports and sex and has a wonderful personality. Generally they date Cody's.
Guy 1: Damn who's that sexy girl
Guy 2: I bet her name is Haley
by San Carlos February 20, 2012
You can date her as many times as possible and still not get tired of her.
I still love Haley after we've dated 7 times..
by asifjoadailoveyoudnafko March 31, 2012
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