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Funny, pretty, awesome, sporty and a great friend
Person One: OMG I'm so deppressed after Henry broke up with me!!!
Person Two: Go to Haley, she'll make you feel soooo much better!
by NBieber44 January 27, 2011
a girl to not to be judged by her appearance , even though she is drop dead gorgeous. she doesn't even know it. everyone loves her to death & she has very many friends. she only has haters cause theyre jealous of her attiutude, hothothothotness, charisma & tits. cause really , shje has big tits. all the guys have secret love affairs with her in their own little fantasies. shes also addicted to the internet, coffe and probably has insomnia.
Guy 2: Uhg, such a Haley. I want dat ass.
by ilovetits12333333333 September 15, 2011
Average looking girl, extremely funny with great hair. Smart, fashionable, loves sarcasim. Their best friends are short and spunky because Haley's are quiet and shy. They fall for people easily, they also LOVE tall boys and tell people whats on their minds. They have no fear.
Woah that girl is hilarious. She must be a Haley
by Milly52k April 28, 2011
The most beyond perfect, smart, beautiful, funny, caring, kind, sweet and a very very sexy girl. She will make you smile and laugh every time you talk to her. Haley is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has the most amazing smile. She has the most gorgeous eyes, that nobody else has.All Haley's date guys whose name starts with an M. It is just a Haley thing. Haley is always funny and can be serious at some points, but not all the time. All Haley's can make your loose your breathe so easily because they are just stunning. They are easy to fall in love with, but so hard to let go. If you have a Haley to yourself, never let her go. Haley is amazing, she's the best! I love Haley!
Ryan - You saw that girl over there?

Josh - Yeah!

Ryan - She is such a Haley!

Josh - I know!
by PublishThisPleaseeee!! July 16, 2010
the beautifulest girl in the world that all the guys want. the girl that has an amazing smile that will brighten your day whenever you see her. the girl that you could love forrevverr! the girl you can never get your eyes off of. the girl that will be your best friend forever. the most amazing girl you would ever know! (;
Dang, that girl is a Haley S?!
by D.T.M. November 30, 2011
Haley is one of the nicest people you will ever hope to meet, shes beautiful and is always there for you. Oh, and if you bring her a monster, she'll be very thankful haha. She's the craziest girl in the world only when she wants to be and is otherwise shy. She's soo funny and im glad shes in my life! All in all, youll never meet a girl like her.

Love ya haley!
boy 1: hey boy 2, whos your best friend?

boy 2: that has to be haley

boy 1: wow thanks
by i dont know what to write September 12, 2011
awesome girl. curvy, GREAT boobs, tight ass. some jealous anorexic skanks might call her fat, but no straight male would ever go there. shes BANGABLE. very sarcastic, funny, and witty. some might think she's mean but shes actually just being funny. shes pretty average in school but she parties hard. great hair. gorgeous eyes. pretty tall, around 5'8". she always smells like flowers. you want her, and she knows it.
Guy 1: see that girl over there?
Guy 2: damn! look at those tits! those must be 34D's!
Guy 1: they are. she's my girlfriend, haley.
Guy 2: you lucky fuck

Girl 1: look at haley's boobs. they're huge. shes so fat.
Girl 2: shes not fat, you're just an anorexic whore. eat a sandwhich.
by summmerrrr June 24, 2011