to drink in a fast manner
In the words of the black populance, "Guzzle my jizz bitch."
by Side-Show September 25, 2003
When a chick/girl drinks a mans semen or cum
ME-- Yo Jenny gave me a Blow-Job
Otha Dude-- Sick did she guzzle you !?!?!
ME--- You Know It Dawg.
by Keif da Cheif August 01, 2009
The act of pouring alcohol into a woman's vagina and sucking it out
"Dude! I guzzled the shit outta her last night!"

"Yea man I'm gonna try to guzzle her later"
by ikr! March 28, 2009
When someone makes a joke in a large group of people and laughs by himself/herself while no one else is laughing.
"Ha Ha! Joe just guzzled!"


"Stop guzzling so much!"
by wootwoot2789 November 17, 2011
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