(verb). When a person suddenly begins to have strong cravings for or becomes incredibly desirous of something; like a particular food, person, drug, drink, sex-capade, etc. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, finances or other obstacles, these unlucky souls are usually are left unsatisfied, and are therefore left to "gurn." This craving is akin to what the French call, “La douleur exquise”- the exquisite pain of wanting someone (or something) that you know you can never have.
“It’s been three weeks since I have seen Greta, dude, and I am like, totally gurning for her!”

“So, I hate to admit it but, like, it’s always when I’m out of my stash that I gurn for it the most!”

"Paul loves the pain of it. He loves to deprives himself as long as he can stand to gurn and then he goes out on his jags."
by Flibberdigibbit April 30, 2013
Derogative slang term for a black person. Derived from the word gurney. Say gurney 10 times fast and listen to what it sounds like. Special because the gurns themselves do not know what it means.
Dude, all these gurns tried to jump me the other day. Stupid gurns
by Jack Mehoff October 22, 2004
bud, green, weed, mary jane

born in cambridge, ontario, canada
smoke some gurn
by gurn lover January 18, 2012
to gurn : to pull faces whilst pilling off ones tits

ie: in the throes of ecstasy influence

a gurn : an opportunity to gurn whilst in the throes of ecstasy influence
"i was gurning my tits off last night"

"reckon you could organise a tidy gurn for this eve?"
by hanta February 04, 2004
A movment of the face and/or jaw whilst under the influence of ecstasy.

Many examples of this can be seen in nightclubs across the uk, a very rare case and example is someone who goes by the name of "brian" or "Gurn-tits" usually found in a night club called the krazyhouse. gurning on a an object to prevent his jaw from locking eg a shoulder of pork.
check out his gurn

does it look good when i gurn?

woah is he gurning on a leg of lamb?
by The gurn hunter July 28, 2008
the act of manipulating one's facial muscles in an unusual manner, usually associated with late nights and loud music. sometimes used in attempt to attract a mate. rarely successful.
i was gurning like a trout last night!
by Kris April 18, 2003
Northern Irish slang for "cry".
"stop yer gurnin wee lad or I'll give ya somethin to gurn about!"

"that un's a gurney wee shite"

"all she ever does is gurn, gurn, gurn!!"
by Sir Wigglesworth March 22, 2008

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