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An ankle bracelet that lets police keep track of you if you're on house arrest or probation.
Kobe could be wearing the lojack pretty soon.
by MJD January 07, 2004
In the Novel The Shivered Sky by Matt Dinniman, Cibola is the name of the citadel of Heaven. The city is invaded and ransacked by the demons.
Cibola is burning
by MJD December 27, 2003
1) Hebrew Demons from the Old Testament

2) "A demon race. Blue skinned and human sized with long, dexterous tails and membrane wings. The males are extremely rare (only one in 1,000,000 pure births are male) and live almost fifty times the length of the females. Females are known for their voracious sexual appetites and have the ability to cross-breed with many other races, though their litters of mongrel children rarely survive. They have an extremely quick gestation period ." - From The Shivered Sky by Matt Dinniman
That's one ugly Sedim
by MJD December 27, 2003
v. To lay a real beef-tasting fart. To duff.

British Columbian term, from Driver-Termuende family lore.
Oh no, Matty flipped a fluffy.
by MJD June 02, 2004
Giant, red arch-demons that stand eighteen feet tall. Gentle, peace-loving creatures. Demons from the Novel The Shivered Sky.
That is one big-ass Geyrun.
by MJD December 27, 2003
v. to go fucking nuts, to spaz out, to lose your mind and flail your arms and legs and then to kick some serious ass.
Oh shit, he's going to go ozzy. Look out!
by MJD June 02, 2004
1) A Persian demon. An extremely evil spirit whose name was evoked to scare children.

2) "...very much like winged humans, but taller and thinner. They have dark, angular features and their wings consist of a thin membrane stretched between long bones. The most common demon..." - From The Shivered Sky, by Matt Dinniman
I'm scared of the Dahhak.
by MJD December 27, 2003
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