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A state of increased anxious activity, typically induced by an amphetamine.
Yo, that seventh cup of coffee's really got you pinging off the walls, dude.
by Mutant June 10, 2004
127 36
when your on drugs
ohh dylan was pinging so bad on saturday night
by meow kittyyyyy August 24, 2008
77 35
When u have so much energy you are bouncing off the walls. Your always happy and you just want to jump around like a retard...
"Hey dude what's up with you today, you're really happy?"

"Mate, im pinging!!"
by *Apple* March 11, 2006
68 36
My Daddy said pinging means: To be excited by biscuits.
Those biscuits had me pinging!
by Cassandra Floatswell October 16, 2010
20 24
action verb...used when someones nipples are noticably hard; When your nipples are pointing outwards
Look! Marcia's pinging!
by Julian Trejo June 16, 2007
41 69