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1. One of the Channel Islands.
2. Better than Jersey hands down.
3. 60, 000 people clinging to a rock...
4. A breed of cow, white with toffee-coloured splodges
5. A type of knitted pullover

People from Guernsey are called Guerns or Gurns, or more officially Guernseymen or Guernesias/e. Most speak English (many very badly) with a few exceptional word and structure variations (eg "I'm to Vazon, me" - "I'm at Vazon").
1. "I'm going to Guernsey on holiday."
2. "Guernsey is better than Jersey at football"
3. "Its difficult to describe Guernsey..."
4. "This milk comes from Guernseys".
5. "My grandmother, she knits Guernseys for us each Christmas, her"
by Frogfaerie March 24, 2007
A male that has a love for ska music. Obnoxiously large hair is optional.
"I know you're a guernsey so I bought us tickets to see Big D & the Kids Table."
by OneBigSugarRush October 01, 2009
adj. (slang)

Used (mainly) to describe the state of drug users after a few too many lines/pills/tabs/hits or combination thereof. Once a person's lower jaw takes on a mind of it's own, seeking only to meet with their eyebrows and beyond, they're Guernsey. That being said, Guernsey is so much more than a word for gurning.
It may also used to describe when something goes badly wrong and variations of this word are perfectly acceptable. For example, please feel free to add an -ing to make a handy verb for any occasion.

Guernsey is also one of the Channel Islands, which is just fine by us.
1. I took so many E's last night, can't remember much but I got really Guernsey.

2. The aircraft pilot came in too steep for landing and for a minute things were all Guernsey.

3. That ice-cream man is really Guernseying my ice-cream, he should be fired.
by Guernsey-Rollers December 23, 2009
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