a gurner is a pill. of ecstasy. sometimes whilst one is clubbing one could be described as gurning off ones silly little tits.
as in, "you gettin any gurners for friday bruv?"
by heavyheavyheavy August 30, 2003
A carnivorous, crab-like alien found in the "Star Gurns" and "Great Conflict" series, several related works in progress by Micah Glenn of Star Gurn Enterprises.

Star Gurn Enterprises may be found at www.fascinate.us
"The Star Gurns are coming!"
by Micah Glenn February 09, 2004
n. a big greasy burning poop, synonomous with gurd
Hope you have a nice gurn love.
by MJD June 02, 2004
Gurn: idiot, stupid, retard.
Look at that gurn.
by Seth Mythrax April 05, 2004
stink winky b-o miester
smelly arm pit needs a bath
by liam rogers November 05, 2003
a student who is constantly studying simply for grades or to get into the "right college/grad school", not with passion or for the joy of learning.
geez, that kid is such a gurn.
by sluggo October 21, 2004
A slang reference to someone from Guernsey
Fuckin' gurn
by Eyes Wide Slut February 25, 2004

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