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A men's sleeveless undershirt.

I think the TV show "COPS" had a lot do with the creation of this word. Every time they showed a guy getting arrested for beating his wife he was wearing one of those sleeveless undershirts.
Jed was a wearing a wifebeater to show off his new tattoos.
by Char August 21, 2004
Used in Shaun of The Dead to depict something good. Shaun is reciting a plan that he has in mind..he then uses the phrase.
Hows THAT for a slice of fried gold?
by Char February 22, 2005
neigh neigh man
''Jean kirchstein you horse''
''neigh neigh''
by CHAR May 06, 2015
1.the best way of sayin yes
dude:do u wanna do somthin?
by Char June 07, 2003
when the pussy lips of a female sag down low like pieces of ham flapping and looks like chewed pieces of gum.
man 1: did you see that girls twat?

man 2: yea it was so fucking loose it looked like pieces of ham flappin' in the wind
most porn stars pussy's. you know, the kind you can fit a MAC truck thru
by Char December 12, 2004
That's pretty shnizy!
by Char June 07, 2003
a good looking boy or man
Look at Keino he's staggmatic
by Char November 27, 2004
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