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a term used to describe feelings of angst, apprehension, or intimacy.
"grrr! i don't want neopolitan! i wanted natilopoen icecream!"
"grrr. i'm nervous. i don't feel so well."
"grrr, you sexy thing."
by jamela November 18, 2003
Onomatopoeia of dog growling, used to express the following emotions:

1. "This sucks" or "Things are not going my way".

2. "I wish to engage in the act of sex with you."
Horny Man: Grrr baby, yeah!!!
Annoyed Grrl: Grrr, get away from me, you creepass!
by fcsuper December 16, 2006
Grrr means "I want to fuck you." in dinosour.



-The dino's start getting it on.
by ballz_blue March 22, 2009
simple way of saying "i'm pissed off - this isn't goign my way"
"grrr - agree with me!"
by anonymous December 28, 2004
-expression of frustration.
grrr, theres no emo station here.
grrr, my lunch break ends in 55 minuts.
thought i'd write 1 def since i work here.
by chrisnxr1 July 01, 2005
Something someone says when they want appear aggressive or intimidating (in a positive or negative way) but has the opposite effect, inducing laughter or pity.
yeah baby, I'm a bad boy tonight...grrr


I'm really scary...grrr
by sunshiyong October 22, 2010
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