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adj. cooler than cool, hotter than hot, possessing a quality of complete and utter awesomeness
We are so grizzly!
#alex #wendy #awesome #cool #greatest
by You_Know_Who_It_Is November 21, 2009
Cheap tin of chew thats about 2 bucks. Smells like shit but is cheap and many people enjoy the flavor besides its flavor
Go get me a tin of grizzly for 2 bucks
by Cowboyup May 07, 2004
A great tasting dip that is also cheap.

Times do dip: Riding four wheelers, in the movies, bored, before you go to bed, when you wake up, when really pissed off, before you eat, after you eat, and everything in between!
Hey Newman, wanna go ride four wheelers? "Yeah sure, got any Grizzly?"
#grizzley #dip #chew #smokeless tobacco #redneck
by XXXXXXB April 28, 2007
To describe a good emotional feeling or event
'My weekend was grizzly!'

'oi man, that car is grizzly'
#good #amazing #sick #raw #quality
by nonek February 18, 2009
Grizzly, should be used to describe something you think is badass,sick,cool,epic,ballin etc....
1.dude, that party last night was fucking grizzly.

man 1: yo dude, check out my new ride.
man 2: damn man, that shit is ballin.
man 1: correction, this shit is grizzzzly!
#grizzly #badass #sick #ballin #pimp #epic #grizly #baller
by Isaac chesterfield March 02, 2008
a type of smokeless tobacco that is reasonably priced with a decently high nicotine content that will knock you on your ass if you aren't use to dipping.
guy 1 : Man, the last time i dipped Grizzly, my head got all spinny, i broke out into a cold sweat and nearly puked!

guy 2: don't take such large pinches then, maybe your body can't handle the nicotine, work your way up to grizzly and build up a tolerance for it!

nicotine dip
#tobaco #nicotine #snuff #dip #timberwolf
by Pyro453 March 29, 2010

An instance of hustling or grinding

Laborious (and oftentimes difficult) routine work which requires intense focus and emerges as a response to desperate financial situations
"you gotta be on your grizzly"

-Ghostface Killah
#grizzly #grind #hustle #grindin #on my grizzly
by secondprize January 11, 2013
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