As in "grizzly bear" rhyming slang for nightmare. Usually used when someone's attempts at something are not met with success.
You're having a grizzly son you've died ten times and not made a single kill yet
by Da Zeg January 08, 2005
when you have to take a big, fat juicy shit, i mean one so bad it peels the paint off the walls.
Son, after your morning grizzlys be sure to use the spray and turn on the fan.
by jon galasso August 17, 2003
A beer.

In areas of the east of England the local accent means the word "beer" is pronounced so that it sounds more like "bear". The term has been in use for several decades.
Yeah, I'll have a grizzly with you.
by angrysloucher May 30, 2006
the region between your nuts and your butthole that smells like sweat and a hot ham sandwich. also it is hairy. at times it is called a taint, banus, grundle or gooch. but its way grizzlier than that.
oh man, after 7 straight games of kickball i can really smell my grizzly.
by ross mt pleasant May 04, 2006
refers to a dumb ass mother fucker who talks too much
Dude, Alexx is so Grizzly...
by Chris January 16, 2005
impacted, hard substance picked out of one's nose
My nose feels blocked, must be full of grizzlys
by SteveMick Pete December 04, 2005

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