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The space between your testicles and anus (balls and anus= banus). See taint.
John kicked me between the legs, but he got me behind the balls, right in my banus.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
the greatest girl alive, great body with a personality to match, crazy smart. someone everyones loves and wishes to be. all around amazing
person 1: You saw that girl down at 3rd tonight? She was so dangerous!(;

person 2:Yep. thats BANU!
by shayj94 May 01, 2010
Balls + Anus = Banus
Area between the balls and the anus. See chode.
Suck on a banus!
by Anonymous February 21, 2003
The piece of skin between the balsack and the anus.
Last night as I when i was asleep the bitch were tickling my banus... or:

The other day when i had a shmoopie the shit came downwards right through my crack slippering the banus man
by Steveohshit April 05, 2011
The male version of the taint. The word is derived from the combo of balls and anus. BTW this is a great erogenus zone.
That girl dirty, she was messing with my banus. What weirds me out is I enjoyed it.
by leaf337 September 26, 2015
Banu is a noun that described certain sections of the plumbing system related most directly to sewages leaks -- where the fecal matter meets the open air. There is no solution to this problem, it's like an open wound that will never heal.
I found a banu under the driveway, it was most definitely stinking up a a nearly 300 foot radius of the neighborhood, but what's worse is I can't seem to fix this banu.
by Mr. Christ June 01, 2004
An alternative word reffering to the anus, usually used in reference to adam gilbert. A famous cambridge drag act.
Cat- "hey, how's it going, would you like some juice"

Adam-"ho ho I have already too much juice in my banus!"

Cat-"Your disgusting"
(walks out in a sexual rage)
by Joejoejoe5 June 16, 2010

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