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This can refer to that thick beard you got. It can also refer about that musty basement of yours, covered in "cobwebs". Also, it can be used as a scale. From 0 (being fresh, clean) to 10 (being dirty, musty.)
After last night, I now know how grizzly she is. she's at about, 8. Oh hey, I've got a grizzly goin' on.
by ted_bear111n00bz August 12, 2011
1 2
Women who chase after younger men but are older than Cougars. Typically, Grizzlies are women in their sixties.
"She got younger dudes when she was still a cougar, but now she should be running with the grizzlies."
by pellspot August 01, 2009
2 6
A brand of smokeless tobacco that costs the user nothing more than the change in his pocket. Considering the cost, the quality and flavor of the cuts are worth what you pay.
By the way, did I mention this stuff is cheap?!
Redneck #1: "Boy, that sure was some good fried mullet!"
Redneck #2: "Damn right, let me get a dip off ya."
Redneck #1: "All I gots is some Grizzly."
Redneck #2: "Aw, fuck that cheap shit, I'll run up to the Piggly Wiggly and get some Skoal."
by Billy Lee March 21, 2006
66 70
The male version of a cougar. A man in his fourties trying to get in the pants of a girl in her twenties.
Dude #1: Hey man, have you seen Becky?
Dude #2: Yeah bro, she went off with some grizzly.
by doob69 May 08, 2008
10 15
a boob, or set of boobs with exsesive hair on and around them.
During the Fair sally wiped out her grizzlies
by WINKYJOHN December 06, 2007
0 5
a short thick mixed female that has brown hair commonly found on the toilet
damn a grizzly is on my toilet
by mrcrackhead March 08, 2011
0 6
a boob,or boobs with hair covering or around the tit
sally wiped out her grizzlies at the fair.
by WINKYJOHN December 06, 2007
1 7