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one of the dopest rappers out there, has funky beats

Frequently works with Method Man on music, film, and TV shows and ads.

Member of Def Squad featuring Keith Murray and Erick Sermon

His first Album, "Whut? Thee Album," is considered a hip-hop classic.

Is signed to Def Jam Records.
redman , Funk Doc is the dopest out there!!
by Shanker November 18, 2005
Great rapper.


Redman does work with Meth on music and movies though.
my favorite redman album is "Whut? Thee Album"
by MidasTouch February 24, 2008
When a woman is on her period.
My girl wouldn't let me hit last night because she said red man is in town.
by Tonedogg12 October 18, 2009
To ejaculate in an unexpected location and/or direction, from the latin "red" (redact) and "man" (flow). This is usually done on a woman's face, the term most often heard in Wisconsin.
"WTF! My face doesn't want to 'get blasted' by your cum!! Stop redmaning all over me!"

facial cumshot spunk bukkake
by Splooge Machine November 06, 2010
a native american, someone who is of indian(native american) heritage.
the red man were abused by the white settlers
by Chase Johnson January 08, 2005
Best chewing tabacco that is normally refered to a last name
"Oh, Redman, like the chewing tabacco?"
by BCR June 09, 2008
Function: verb
The act of sitting bare-bottom on the face of an individual who is incapacitated either from sleep, effects of alcohol, or by force, and is usually an act of retaliation for a wrong that has been done. The main objective is to have the sitter feel the nose of the victim in between their gluteal cleft.
Look here Jarvis, this inebriated gentleman seems to have had his share of scotch and is now lying face-up on my prized lion skin rug. I bagged that lion on my recent African safari hunting trip. He shall have to pay a hefty price for his error of judgment. Hold my cane and monocle Jarvis, while I redman this fellow.
by Beerlos September 29, 2009
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