Function: Adj.

A word to describe ones deteriorated
state of self grooming. A lapse in self maintenance.
1: Man, you've gotta get a haircut, you're lookin' mighty grizzly!
by MaD January 14, 2004
The act of being fierce & or tough
Ex: Where did you get your outfit you are wearing, you look grizzly.

Ex: That football match last night was grizzly.
by ashleycpful October 17, 2010
The term used for the craving of food after one gets drunk. Similar to the munchies, but instead of getting them after you get high you get them after drinking alcohol.
"yo, dog, I've got the fucking grizzlies, I'm so hungry"
by djshelbstuhhh December 13, 2011
Another term for being high/getting weird or feeling very good with ones self
"Bro im feelin straight grizzly right now"

"Whose trynna get GRIZZLAAAYYY?"
by Jalen Young November 04, 2012
An extremely hairy and revolting pussy.
Damn son, I wanted to hit that, but that hoe's grizzly was out of control!
by Panda Popper March 24, 2009
A big brown bear found in North America that likes to kill things. HUGE. Also found in DiabloII
The grizzly almost ripped my nuts off!
by Adam September 04, 2003
This can refer to that thick beard you got. It can also refer about that musty basement of yours, covered in "cobwebs". Also, it can be used as a scale. From 0 (being fresh, clean) to 10 (being dirty, musty.)
After last night, I now know how grizzly she is. she's at about, 8. Oh hey, I've got a grizzly goin' on.
by ted_bear111n00bz August 12, 2011

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