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attractive, fit
oh my god, that guy is so griz
by mj2k10 March 09, 2010
1. (n) High quality marijuana. (v) The act of smoking marijuana.

2. (n) A freeloader or a mooch. (v) The act of mooching of freeloading. Usually used when pertaining to marijuana, but can also apply to other things.

3. (n) A large, overweight man who looks like a grizzly bear.
1. -Yo, you got that griz? -Yeah, lets go griz a bowl!

2. -Todd came over and grizzed all my food.

-Don't be a griz, throw some weed down for the blunt.

3. -Big Mark is such a griz!
by odawg November 04, 2007
used to define : hot items, cool shit, new stuff
That shit is Griz! them shits right there is Griz!

or u could also use it as : Wus Grizzin..Or wus griz..
by Killakerv January 15, 2006
An athlete or team affiliated with the University of Montana Grizzlies.
Everyone in Missoula, Montana has a stupid bumper sticker that says "Go Griz!"
by KWB March 14, 2005
a better replacement for the word "stuff"
whats all this griz?
by Ryo March 29, 2004
A lot. Large amount.

Like a grip, or like a group.
There was a griz of cops at that party.

I got a grip load of cheese for the tacos yo'!
by bbygurl:) June 15, 2009
the rough hair on a girls pussy when she didnt shave for a few days.
eww girl i dont wanna see your griz.
by jizmeister May 01, 2006
Super fool
He was a Griz for throwing away his money into the river.
by EssGee March 16, 2003