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The act of taking advantage of another person.

Also known as leaching..
John is always mooching money off of me.
by Jade38 June 07, 2005
A person who is lazy, and not doing anything at the present time
I'm just mooching about!
by Daniel March 30, 2004
In the UK mooching means going for a walk (usually looking for somewhere to eat) often while drunk and/or stoned.

In the US mooching is one person taking advantage of another.
(Two guys drunk in a tent in England)

John: "Where's Dave gone?"

Jack: "He went mooching off in that direction a couple of minutes ago"

(Two guys talking about friend's girlfriend in America)

John: "Dave's just bought his girlfriend a new car"

Jack: "She's just mooching off him coz he's rich"
by sthtf September 11, 2006
a name given to any feeling that cannot be described in words.
when she had a lot of free time on her hands. She jus started mooching about.
by Juna Forte December 09, 2009
Skiiving or bunking off
I didn't go to maths I was mooching.
I mooched maths.
I'm going to Mooch Geography.
You're a Moocher
by Cheekynimnim January 17, 2008
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