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10 definitions by KWB

An insult for an elderly male.
"Shut up Old Man River, before I come over there and break your hip!"
by KWB March 14, 2005
An athlete or team affiliated with the University of Montana Grizzlies.
Everyone in Missoula, Montana has a stupid bumper sticker that says "Go Griz!"
by KWB March 14, 2005
basically a comeback, most likely pumped with attitude, sass and or shade.
he called her ratchet! you should have heard the clapback oh jesus.
by kwb August 12, 2013
1 usually offensive : a person affected with idiocy
2 : a foolish or stupid person
"Hey, butt pickle, shut yer yapper before I stick my foot up yer poop chute."
by KWB March 14, 2005
When you have to crap so bad it feels like you literally have a gopher peeking out your sphincter. Not to be confused with it's cousin, the "frightened turtle."
"I'll be back in a minute. I've got a gopher peeking."
by KWB March 14, 2005
A lesbian who is employed by Home Depot. Hair is typically worn in a "mullet" or parted in the middle and feathered on the sides. Occassionally depot dikes are undistinguishable from their male co-workers. They typically work in the garden or paint department, or as cashiers. Very proficient with power tools and fork lifts.
"Today I saw a really handsome depot dike at Home Depot. It showed me how to repair the flapper on my crapper."
by KWB March 14, 2005
1 : to engage in or perform a dance
2 : to move or seem to move up and down or about in a quick or lively manner
transitive senses
1 : to perform or take part in as a dancer
2 : to cause to dance
3 : to bring into a specified condition by dancing
"Hey babe. Get your groove on. Let's go spank the planks."
by KWB March 14, 2005