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Drugs, of smokable nature
Smokin' catfood, tokin' catfood, ready to pap you if we have to
by odawg November 08, 2007
1. (n) High quality marijuana. (v) The act of smoking marijuana.

2. (n) A freeloader or a mooch. (v) The act of mooching of freeloading. Usually used when pertaining to marijuana, but can also apply to other things.

3. (n) A large, overweight man who looks like a grizzly bear.
1. -Yo, you got that griz? -Yeah, lets go griz a bowl!

2. -Todd came over and grizzed all my food.

-Don't be a griz, throw some weed down for the blunt.

3. -Big Mark is such a griz!
by odawg November 04, 2007
(pronounced three-zero-nine)

Gay, pertaining to homosexuality. Just like the word 'gay', 309 can be used to describe pretty much anything that sucks.

- Ew, there are two dudes making out on TV! What kind of 309 are you watching?

- Freddie Mercury was a great musician, but a little 309.

by odawg October 12, 2007
gavel (pronounced gah-vul) ~verb

Judge's hammer. Slang used in same way as 'smashed'.
Owen: Oh, man, I saw you with that hot chick yesterday. Did you bang?
Jason: Bang her? I gavel'd that shit, bro.
by ODawg February 25, 2013

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