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Someone who sits around and dosen't work and mooches off their family and steals all their moms hard earned money to do nothing all day and contribute shit to society. Someone who is a waste of air and takes up valuable space on the planet earth.
Nice receding hairline assface. Why dont you get a job and stop freeloading off your mom you freeloader piece of shit.
by Fhsjhs February 12, 2008
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A freeloader is someone who exploits chances to get free stuff whenever possible.
1) Lil' Kid John never did learn any manners. He especially had a hard time figuring why he shouldn't hog all the candy from the free candy bowl at the shop.

2) Jack had all the connections he needed and knew where all the parties were. Thus every night he didn't have to pay for the alcohol nor the dinner. Nobody liked Jack.
by Lazareth Link March 02, 2005
Freeloader - Noun. Someone who lives off other people's lives. They don't pay for anything and never pay you back.
"Hey man can you buy me food for the week?"
"No stop being a Freeloader for once"
by Golden-Fist November 27, 2005
Someone who takes advantage of another persons good nature by eating, drinking, smoking and taking money of them.
He's a complete free loader! He comes over smokes my cigarette's, drinks my beer, helps himself to the fridge and to top it all of asks to borrow money!
by Mark1412 April 30, 2007
Child who comes home from college, uses the washer, eats everything, criticizes when you don't cook him something, sleeps in, stays up, wants to shop with you so that you will pay, monopolizes the internet/computer, spreads their junk out, and makes it hard on his parent just to get him to clean up after himself. Wants to live without arguments but can't figure out how. Will also be bewildered and hurt if you let him know life is more peaceful without his presence.
19 year olds, on the way to growing up hopefully.
by Mom of Freeloader October 24, 2004
A worthless, lazy, opportunist bumb who takes advantage of people and thinks they should get everything on a silver platter without earning it. If he has a girlfriend, he probably sits at home all day without a job and mooches money and things off her with the excuse, “I’ll pay you back later, baby, when things improve.” She keeps giving him more money because she is nieve, has low self-esteem and too spineless to stand up to him and kick him out. On the other hand, if the freeloader is a female she is probably a spoiled, stuck-up b***h who lives at home and gets money from mommy and daddy while sitting on the can all day eating Bon Bons and watching soaps.

Being a freeloader is learned behavior because people keep giving them things without saying no.
by krock1dk March 18, 2008
Someone who takes very hight advantage of food, clothing, and other necessities when visiting a friend's house.
by k1dx87 May 11, 2003
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