Slang term for grits
Damn, why do griz coook so long
by gk339 August 21, 2009
attractive, fit
oh my god, that guy is so griz
by mj2k10 March 09, 2010
"great jizz"
"That was a griz i just put into your vagina bitch."
by kayteabeezy April 21, 2010
A unificiation of stoner culture and hiphop culture. Typically, used to refer to a gram of high-grade marijuana. (kind bud, sinse, etc.)
"Yo, you got that griz?"
by xmalander February 10, 2005
A gram, usually of cocaine.
Yo I got this griz for 60 bucks.
by blatch July 15, 2006
Someone with a severe speach impediment, due to this the person finds it hard to communicate with others resulting in the person more often than not just telling someone to "shut up!"
ha! Chris you have a griz maybe Jenny wont like you anymore....not that she ever did HI OOOOOH!
by JohnnotJohnJOHN February 01, 2008
One pimp ass guy.
Hey. What's up.
by griz April 17, 2004

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