holding or grasping in conjunction with an element of adherent friction between an object and the surface on which it moves; adhesive friction
Rubber gloves add gription making it easier to open those sticky old jelly jars.
by kathykat July 13, 2005
Top Definition
a combination of grip and traction. Used by an Italian friend of mine.
Those tires have great gription in wet weather!
by Gerry Stokman May 03, 2004
Property of an object sticking to some other object, regardless of the physics involved (i.e. friction, gravity, surface tension, etc.)
The suction cup lost its gription on the pane of glass.
by Jeff Wozniak April 05, 2003
a combination of traction and grip,used to denote an unusual stability of a tire on the road.
I hit that black ice on the thruway and lost all my gription
by Rod Fury April 20, 2006
Another word for traction, but better.
Your tires of your car have gription because they are gripping the road.
by Mikey bekamp June 29, 2010
The feeling you have when you strap on a new set of kicks. Also; the feeling of new tires on your ride.
The gription these new tires give my Lex let me corner at 50.
by pete huh January 14, 2006
the act of gripping with friction; a hold with grip and traction; or the hold of the penis by the vagina walls.
Man her vagina had some gription
by Matt Gibson November 03, 2005
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